Winter Camino – Day 26

Today I have a clean slate.

Having an entire Albergue to myself last night has given me a great night’s sleep. I turned my light out at 8:00pm and was refreshed and a ready to go at 5:00am. Since first light isn’t until just after 8:00am I turn the light back out, hit the snooze button and try for a couple more hours of rest.

A quick look out the window at 8:00am isn’t necessary to choose my attire. I’ve heard the rain hitting the roof all night long and it hasn’t let up this morning. Full rain gear and my camera tucked safely (and dryly) in my pack. The first few minutes seem like the sky is brightening giving me some hope that today may just come around nicely. It was a trick. Or maybe it was simply the calm before the storm. The skies open and I know it will be a long day.

The first order of business is ferreting out my morning cafe con leche. As luck would have it I spot an open cafe just before Azua and indulge myself. It’s a lengthy breakfast, part because I need to upload yesterday’s blog and partly because I’m not too eager to get back out in the rain. Only one way to reach Pedrouzo though so I hitch up my big boy pants and hit the road.

After a morning warm up of hills I am treated to a relatively flat day of walking. I say relatively because in Galicia the hills may not be long but they are generally steep. The rain has held steady and my rain gear is up to the task so far. Just outside of Salceda I spot an open bar with a menu and if I have learned nothing else this trip it is that you don’t pass an open bar anywhere near a meal time because the next open bar could well be at the next meal time. Some pipping hot sopa de Gallego, a dish of chickpea and meat stew followed with a nice pineapple cake has my spirits up and my belly full. Away we go for part II.

The weather Gods have decided that for Part II they will bring their ‘A-Game’. There is a noticeable increase in the intensity of the rain compounded with a sudden gale force wind. As I headed down a little chute section of trail I swear this large boat passed me…

It seemed there was a bit of a fuss happening on the top deck too.

I’ve learned how to adjust my jacket hood so after battening down the hatches there, closing pit zips and ensuring pocket zippers are fully closed I am moving again and surprisingly comfortable. Walking in the rain and snow can be a drag if you’re cold and/or wet. On the flip side though, it can be quite enjoyable if you are warm and dry. Since the camera is hiding in my pack I am happy to keep my chin down and forge ahead at full steam.

With the speed and slightly downhill path today I am in Pedrouzo at a very reasonable hour. Some wetness has crept into my gear so I make the executive decision to find myself a Pension to stay out so I can get a hot soak and adequately dry my gear for tomorrow’s final push. Lodging taken care of I find the open bar for a little dinner and back to my room. I am happy that tomorrow’s weather forecast is for a cool day with sun and cloudy periods. The Canon should be able to make an appearance as I work my way towards Santiago! Was it really only a month and a day ago I stood staring at this sign?

Distance walked today: 23.5 kms

Total distance walked: 586.0 kms

Today’s map:


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